Gas Furnaces vs Electric Furnaces in Granite City, IL

electric vs gas furnaces Granite City, IL

There are several options for kinds of furnaces available for you to have installed in your Granite City, IL home. Two popular choices are gas and electric furnaces. These two kinds of furnaces have their own pros and cons that make them desirable. Knowing more about each one should help you decide on which kind […]

Your Very Own Furnace Maintenance Checklist in Granite City, IL

furnace maintenance

Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance Checklist to Keep You Warm and Lower Cost If Murphy’s Law is anything to go by, then your heating system is likely to break down on the coldest night of the winter. For you to protect your family from such an eventuality, it is imperative to regularly maintain your furnace. This will […]

Reasons to be Replacing your HVAC Unit in Granite City, IL.

heating and cooling Granite City, IL

Replacing Furnace and Air Conditioner Together in Granite City, IL. The average lifespan of a residential air conditioner is 15-20 years. A furnace has a considerably longer lifespan of 15-30 years. Despite your furnace lasting longer than your air conditioner, there are many reasons for an HVAC replacement. At Dixon Heating and Air Conditioning, we […]

Buying a New Furnace for your Alton Illinois Home

choosing furnace alton illinois

Tips for Buying a New Furnace for your Alton Illinois Home If you’re in the market for a new furnace in Alton, Illinois, then you’re probably hoping to improve your home’s comfort while also lowering your energy bills. While energy efficiency is one of the simplest and most obvious ways to compare one furnace to […]

Edwardsville IL Heating and Cooling: Common Winter Problems

carbon monoxide heating and cooling problems

Common Winter Heating and Cooling Problems to Watch For in Edwardsville, Illinois As winter closes in on Edwardsville, IL, it is time to switch off the air conditioning and turn up the heating. When you fire up the furnace, you might notice some common winter heating problems. Here are a few ways in which your […]

Answers to Alton, IL area Furnace Questions

furnace flames

Alton IL, Furnace FAQs At Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning, many of our Alton, IL customers ask us questions regarding furnace installation and repairs. As established heating contractors in the area, there’s nothing we don’t know about heating systems. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, most of which we expect to hear […]

Stay Warm in Edwardsville, IL With These Furnace Maintenance Tips

furnace system

Best furnace maintenance tips for winter in Edwardsville, IL In cold weather, the furnace becomes a highly valuable commodity in your house. Since you want to ensure that your family doesn’t get cold, it is important to maintain your furnace system. Consider the following maintenance tips, as a furnace that emits dangerous emissions or wastes […]