Backup power generator safety tips for Granite City, IL properties

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Here’s how you can stay safe when using your generator

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Backup power generators are a marvel of innovation, allowing us to keep the lights on at our homes and businesses even has they’re pounded with Midwestern weather such as heavy thunderstorms, ice storms, and other weather-related events. However, it’s important to stay safe while you’re using a generator. They mostly run on fuel, which can be dangerous if you’re not careful or don’t know what you’re doing. With that in mind, take some time to look at the following backup power generator safety tips that could keep you safe while you’re keeping your house up and running!

Don’t overdo it

The first tip is to not overdo it with the generator. It’s a wonder that this little device can keep your home running during a storm, but all generators have a capacity for how much power they can provide and how many things can be plugged into it. By plugging too many things in and trying to power too many of your system, you’re creating a serious hazard that could be harmful or deadly to those living inside the home.

Keep it outdoors

When running a generator, the best practice is to keep it outdoors. While it may be tempting to keep it in the garage during a storm, this causes a hazard because it releases toxic exhaust fumes that could make people and pets sick or even deathly ill. By keeping it outdoors, you’re helping to keep everyone inside the home safer.

Stick to necessities

As we discussed before, it’s normal to want to plug in as many things as you can. However, not only does this create an unneeded hazard, but it also wastes energy that’s not really needed. Our advice? Power the necessities and limit your usage during the storm. This promotes safety and helps conserve energy too!

Keep it dry

The presence of water can spell serious trouble for your home. First, water can infiltrate the electrical plugins which could short your system, blow a fuse and even cause a fire hazard. Keep your generator under a canopy and covered enough that it will stay dry. However, avoid keeping your generator in a garage or other enclosed spaces around your home.

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Keep out of reach of children (and pets)

Children and pets prove to be curious, which proves to be bad for business whenever there is a generator around. For children old enough, educate them on safety and operation, so they know how to use it if they ever need to. For young children, stress that it isn’t a toy and shouldn’t be messed with. Don’t forget to watch out for pets that might be sniffing around when you’re not looking!