The Benefits of Having the Proper Thermostat in Your Collinsville, IL Home

Heating Repair

Dealing with the high price of your utility bills at your Collinsville, IL home can sometimes feel unavoidable, no matter the time of year. When it’s warm outside during the summer, you have to keep your AC constantly running, which leaves you with a large utility bill. Now that fall is here, and cold weather […]

What type of thermostat should I use at my Alton Illinois home?

zone control thermostat

Here’s what you need to know about thermostats When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling system, it’s important to note that thermostats may be just as important as the system itself. After all, the thermostat is the brains of the operation, allowing you to customize the environment of your home to your liking. […]

Is a Zone Controlled System Right for You?

zone control thermostat

Will a zone control system benefit my Alton, IL home? With summer approaching quickly, it’s already time for Alton, IL residents to begin assessing the state of their air conditioning units. Is your system leaking any air? Is any cool air being wasted on rooms that are unoccupied most of the time? If your HVAC […]