Reasons Why Your Furnace Will Not Stay On In Your Collinsville, IL Home

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One of the most frustrating things to have happen when the weather gets cold outside in Collinsville, IL is to have the furnace in your home not stay on once you have turned it on. Nobody wants to be stuck inside a cold home. There are many reasons why your furnace may be failing to stay on once you turn it on. Here we want to explain some of those reasons.

Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

Changing Thermostat

The reason your furnace may not be staying on in your Collinsville, IL home could be because of issues with your thermostat. Your thermostat is what is responsible for signaling to your furnace when to turn on and shut off. When your thermostat is malfunctioning, your furnace can receive mixed signals and may not function correctly as a result. If left unfixed this issue can cause further issues down the road. Have your thermostat looked at if your furnace is not staying on.

Flame Sensor is Being Triggered

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Your furnace features a flame sensor which ensures that the gas valve will not open unless there is a flame burning. If the gas valve is opening without there being a flame, it can quickly lead to a buildup of toxic gases. This can be extremely dangerous and can lead to a gas leak, a fire, or even a gas explosion in your home. There are some ways you can tell that there is a gas buildup from the triggered flame sensor. If you are finding water leaking into a puddle around the furnace’s surface, rusted or corroded flue lines, or notice your utility bills have become high, it could be a sign there’s a gas buildup. It may also result in your furnace being unable to stay on.

Your Heat Exchanger is Broken

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If your furnace has a malfunctioning heat exchanger, it can stop your furnace from running. Heat exchange has a limit switch that will shut down the furnace when it overheats. Whenever the heat exchanger is broken, it will not be able to detect when your system overheats, potentially causing damage and other issues.

To prevent problems like these with your furnace, it is important to have your furnace looked at regularly by local HVAC professionals. If you live in Collinsville, IL, and are looking to have your furnace looked at, give our team of experts over at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!

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