Signs That Its Time To Change Your Furnace Filter in Alton, IL

furnace filter changing signs Alton, IL
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One of the most important parts of any furnace is the filter. The furnace filter is what keeps dust, dirt, and debris from getting into your furnace. Every homeowner in Alton, IL needs to remember to change their filter regularly. This is because over time the filter will become so filthy that it will not be able to function as well and can cause further issues like clogging if not changed. Here we wanted to explain some ways you can tell it is time to change it.

Excess Dust From Vents

Have you noticed that your furniture and your vents have had noticeable amounts of dust recently? It could be caused by the filter. If the air filter in your furnace has become too dirty, it will not catch the dust and it will go into the furnace instead. If you do not want to have to keep dusting down your furniture, it is best to change your furnace filter.

Increase Of Allergy Problems

If you are starting to have more allergy problems in your Alton, IL home, it is best to make sure you check the filter on your furnace. When allergens are not caught by your furnace, they will be released into the air of your home giving you symptoms.

Low Amount of Airflow

One of the most noticeable signs your filter needs to be changed is when it restricts the airflow. When your furnace is clogged from your filter, its air output will be severely decreased. Just change out your filter to prevent this from happening to you. It should also be noted that the restricted airflow will also make it work harder than it usually does to try to maintain the heat. This will greatly decrease the lifespan of your furnace as well as increase your spending on your utility bills.

Alton, IL furnace filter warning signs its time to change

When To Replace Your Air Filter

The timing of when you should replace your filter can vary depending on how often you use your furnace. Generally, you should aim to change your filter every 30 to 90 days. This ensures you get the most out of your filter before you need to change it out.

If you live in Alton, IL, and have any more questions about your furnace filter or need help changing it out, give our team of HVAC experts over at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!

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