Granite City Illinois Summer A/C Maintenance Tips

summer a/c maintenance

Keep Your System in Great Shape with These Summer A/C Maintenance Tips

Having an A/C that works well is crucial, especially when it comes to surviving the hot summer months in Granite City Illinois. By keeping up with regular summer A/C maintenance, you can make sure you never have to go a day without being able to cool your home.

change your air filter during a/c maintenance in Granite City Illinois

Change the Filter

If you don’t normally change the filters on your air conditioning system, you’re making a big mistake. All the air that passes through the ducts eventually goes through an air filter before entering your home. This filter is designed to capture contaminants and keep them out of your home, which is why it gets clogged and needs to be replaced regularly.

Clean Condensate Lines

You might have noticed that air conditioners need to drain themselves of water while they’re running. This is because creating cold air for your home creates condensation which then collects in the condensate drain pan and goes down the drain line. If your drain line is clogged, that water has nowhere to go.

Check the Fins

The fins on your air conditioner are located on the outside and collect a lot of dirt and debris over time. Not only do you need to clean your fins on a regular basis, but you also need to make sure you’re keeping them straight to promote airflow. You can buy a fin comb that allows you to straighten them easily.

Clean Around the AC

The area around your A/C has a tendency to get dirty, which can reduce the effectiveness of your comfort system. To combat this, you should routinely clean the area right around your air conditioning unit. Make sure there aren’t leaves, mud, and other debris collecting around the base of the unit.

air duct cleaning to prevent allergens in Granite City Illinois

Inspect the Ductwork

In order to get cool air from an outdoor unit to all parts of your home, that air has to run through ductwork. If some of these ducts are dirty or there’s a leak in part of the ductwork, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. A leak in your ductwork can cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

If you want your comfort system to run smoothly all summer, you need to make sure you’re taking good care of it. As long as you stay on top of all these summer maintenance steps, you should be good to go all season long.