Your Very Own Furnace Maintenance Checklist in Granite City, IL

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Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance Checklist to Keep You Warm and Lower Cost

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If Murphy’s Law is anything to go by, then your heating system is likely to break down on the coldest night of the winter. For you to protect your family from such an eventuality, it is imperative to regularly maintain your furnace. This will also make it work more efficiently and consequently lower your energy bills. Below is a comprehensive furnace maintenance checklist that can help Granite City, IL homeowners to ensure that their furnaces are always in good shape.

Check the Heat Exchanger

As your furnace ages, it is likely to deteriorate and develop cracks. Unfortunately, this puts you and your family at risk of inhaling toxic fumes that it may emit. As such, it is important for you to give it a thorough inspection and call an HVAC expert if you have any doubts.

Check the Fan Switch

If the fan switch is faulty and not well adjusted, then it might lead to the nuisance of fan cycling and energy wastage. Therefore, it is wise for you to check it and ensure that it is properly adjusted and not faulty.


With time, burners are known to collect dirt. Unfortunately, dirty burners can lead to poor combustion and soot build-up. It can also cause issues such as condensation and increased energy bills. Cleaning your burner will go a long way in reducing heat loss. It will also increase the burner’s lifespan.


Like with any other rotating equipment, a poorly lubricated furnace will surely fail. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that all the bearings and the motors are well-lubricated.


The main problem with thermostats usually has to do with calibration. Unfortunately, this problem can significantly increase the cost of running the furnace. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the thermostat is well-calibrated.

Belts and Pulleys

Worn pulleys and loose belts are known to affect airflow negatively. They can also increase the cost of heating your home and shorten the lifespan of the compressor. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that they are well inspected and adjusted or changed.

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The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that for you to ensure that your furnace is working properly when you need its services most; then it is imperative for you to ensure that it is well maintained. In addition to ensuring that the furnace is in good shape, regular maintenance will go a long way in keeping the cost of operation low.

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