Ways to Lower the Humidity in Your Collinsville, IL Home

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Don’t let humidity ruin your home’s comfort!

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The temperatures and humidity levels are increasing and it may feel unbearable, but there are many ways to lower indoor moisture fast without having to purchase a special appliance like a dehumidifier. Taking the following precautions can help reduce humidity levels. High humidity levels can potentially have negative impacts on a person’s sleep, health, and home.


Houseplants can contribute to high levels of moisture, especially if they are overwatered. These can be placed in another location temporarily to see if the humidity levels are reduced. A large number of houseplants can significantly add to the humidity levels of a home.

Practice ventilation

Specifically, ventilate areas prone to moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Vent fans should be turned on and left on for a longer duration. Cracking a window can also effectively ventilate a room. Floor unit fans are immensely helpful for ventilating a unit that does not have air conditioning or in-house fans.

Try a humidistat

An inexpensive humidistat can give a real-time reading of the humidity level of your home. More than 70%RH humidity levels are prime conditions for mold and dust mites to grow. Aim for levels between 40-60%RH.

Benefits of air conditioning

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While an A/C unit can provide a room with some dehumidification, it is not the main role of an air conditioner. A/C systems are designed to help a room cool down. The air conditioning systems pull air in and cool it with coils that are refrigerant-filled. Following the cooling process, the cool air is cycled back to the house while the heat from the air is sent outside. A whole-home dehumidifier can reduce moisture more effectively, but in a situation where one is not available an A/C unit may help.

Reducing levels of humidity will make you and your family feel better mentally and physically. It is highly important to keep humidity away as mold, rotting wood, and damp spots can occur if it is not managed. The professionals at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning in Collinsville, IL would be more than happy to take a look at your heating and air unit at your earliest convenience.