Why Your Air Conditioner Constantly Runs in Alton, IL

repairing an AC that is constantly running Alton IL

During the summertime in Alton, IL, your AC unit will need to run often in order to keep your home feeling cool and comfortable. Just because it is hot, however, does not mean your AC should be working every second of the day. Your AC unit should run on a cycle of running and resting. […]

All About Ductless AC Systems in Alton, IL

Split ac cooling system

It’s important to find the most efficient and reliable air conditioning unit for your Alton, IL home. Certain models work best in certain kinds of homes. A central air conditioning unit works well in most homes, but if you happen to live in an older home that does not have any ductwork, trying to get […]

What Causes Your Collinsville, IL Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?


Most people in the Collinsville, IL area would assume that having an Air Conditioner freezing would be good for producing cold air. However, this is very far from the truth. An AC system works through a series of controlled pressures, airflows, and temperatures. If any of these aspects fall out of balance, the refrigerant system […]

Top Reasons Why Your Edwardsville, IL AC System is Not Blowing Cold Air

Air Conditioning Granite City IL

You are already quite aware that your Edwardsville, IL home can get very hot during the summertime. This is why it is crucial that your ac system is blowing cool air into your home during the hot weather. From dirty filters needing to be replaced, to electrical issues, there are several things that can cause […]

Reasons to be Replacing your HVAC Unit in Granite City, IL.

heating and cooling Granite City, IL

Replacing Furnace and Air Conditioner Together in Granite City, IL. The average lifespan of a residential air conditioner is 15-20 years. A furnace has a considerably longer lifespan of 15-30 years. Despite your furnace lasting longer than your air conditioner, there are many reasons for an HVAC replacement. At Dixon Heating and Air Conditioning, we […]

What To Do When Your Second Floor Is Too Hot

hot second floor heat edwardsville il

No one likes hot air flow. When summer comes and the weather scorches roads and sidewalks, you run into your air-conditioned house in Edwardsville, IL hoping for relief. Unfortunately, it seems only half of your house is usable. The first floor is cool, and perfect for relaxing or entertaining. But when you go to the […]

Ways that you can lower your energy bills this summer in Edwardsville, IL

energy bill

Here’s what you can do to save some green this summer! Summer in Edwardsville, IL gets hot – really hot. In fact, temperatures routinely rise near triple digits, leaving people throughout the Midwest scrambling to find a cool home with a working air conditioner. However, this need to run the air conditioner all of the […]

Tips to prepare your air conditioner for the warm season in Alton, IL

summer air conditioning checklist

Here’s what you can do to get your air conditioner ready for summer It’s March in the Alton, IL area, which means people are finally starting to see the temperature rise after the cold, dark, long winter months.  This enthusiasm about warmer weather also means that you’ll be firing up your air conditioner soon, too. […]