Why Your Air Conditioner Constantly Runs in Alton, IL

repairing an AC that is constantly running Alton IL
AC is constantly running in Alton, IL

During the summertime in Alton, IL, your AC unit will need to run often in order to keep your home feeling cool and comfortable. Just because it is hot, however, does not mean your AC should be working every second of the day. Your AC unit should run on a cycle of running and resting. If there is no downtime, it could cause damage to your unit and greatly increase your utility bills. If you find your AC unit is running constantly, it could be a sign that something is wrong with it. Here we want to explain some common reasons why your AC unit might be running constantly.

Thermostat Set Too Low

If your thermostat is set to low, it could cause your AC unit to be constantly running in your Alton, IL home. The reason for this is that your unit will not be able to catch up with the temperature you chose it to go to. If it’s 100 degrees outside and you set the thermostat to 70, your unit will not be able to catch up which means it will constantly be running. Make sure to set it to a more realistic number it will not take too long for it to reach but something that will make you feel comfortable in your home.

Air Leaks in Home

If there are areas in your home where the cold air can leak out, it can cause your AC to run longer than it needs to in order to keep up. Air can leak out through cracks around doors, and windows or it can seep out of your attic if it is not well insulated. Your duct work could also be leaking the air out through cracks. It is important to inspect your ductwork for any areas where the air could be escaping and have it repaired as well as seal up other areas of your home where the air is getting out.

AC Unit Incorrectly Sized

AC that is constantly running that needs to be repaired, Alton, IL

If your AC Unit is too big or too small for your home, it can cause it to run improperly. If your AC unit is too small, it can cause it to run more frequently to try to keep up with the size and temperature of your home, costing you more money on your utility bills. It is important that when you have an AC unit put in your home you make sure you have a properly sized unit installed.

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