Top Reasons Why Your Edwardsville, IL AC System is Not Blowing Cold Air

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You are already quite aware that your Edwardsville, IL home can get very hot during the summertime. This is why it is crucial that your ac system is blowing cool air into your home during the hot weather. From dirty filters needing to be replaced, to electrical issues, there are several things that can cause your system to not blow cold air out.

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Faulty Capacitors That Can Cause Your System to Look Broken

There are several calls that are made to HVAC repair professionals during the summer where the customer believes that their system has died. In order to have a working AC system, the compressor needs power. This power comes from the capacitors which are located somewhere close to the compressor in order to connect it to electricity. The capacitor can become broken from a number of things including overheating and power surges which are caused by hot weather and thunderstorms. Both of these are common during the summer season in the Midwest.

A Dirty Air Filter Can Mess Up Your AC System

Another issue that your air conditioner has to deal with during its peak operating season is dirty air filters. The air filters are already designed to restrict the cool air flow in order to protect your air from dirt and debris. However, this debris can pile up on your air filter, and cause your entire AC system to not allow for cool air to pass through your system. Make sure to schedule a cleaning with your local HVAC professionals in order to make sure that your system is able to produce cool air.

Thermostat and Cooling Switch Issues

If your thermostat happens to be an analog type, it can be prone to malfunctions and can fail at a moment’s notice. This would then prevent your system from being sure of what type of air needs to be produced, or even if your system should be on. If this is happening to you, make sure to call an HVAC professional who will properly diagnose the problem, and can help make sure that your system is properly repaired.

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Keeping Your AC System Condensing Coils Clean

The condensing coils found on the outside portion of your system can be a hard task to deal with. This is where the heat from your home is eliminated by a fan forcing the heat off of the coils as the refrigerant attracts the heat, and transfers it through copper tubing to the condenser. It is crucial that this coil is flushed out with water and that the tiny cooling fins around it are kept straight.  If you believe that the condensing coils are the issue, you need to contact a professional in order to safely repair it.

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