Alton, IL Tips for Lower Heating Costs

low heating costs tips

Ways to lower heating costs during the Alton, IL Winter

Alton, Illinois is the perfect place to be – most of the time. The general location promises warm summers, beautiful springs, and pleasant autumns, but things can get a little rough once winter rolls around. While it may seem easy to resort to space heaters and radiators, this can jack up heating costs and make it expensive to stay warm. If you’re tired of dreading your monthly energy bill, you might be wondering how you can lower energy consumption without forfeiting a warm home.

Here are a few methods that can help you save money on your heating bills, and keep you cozy during the cold months.

Buy heavy curtains

use curtains to lower heating costs in Alton Illinois

Drafts and cold glass account for quite a bit of heat loss. Dress up your windows with some fleece or wool curtains, or just drape a heavy blanket over the curtain rod. While you’re at it, make sure to caulk up any drafts!

Gather everyone in one room

Along with sharing body heat, you can save money by only heating one room. Shut the doors to the rest of the house, and pile together for some family time. There’s no need to heat bedrooms when everyone is gathered in the living room.

Turn on the ceiling fan

Warm air will always rise, so turning your ceiling fan on can help circulate the warm air through the room. Make sure to keep it on low, and turn it off if the room gets too cold.


The oven is a great source of heat, and hot food is a great way to warm hands, tummies, and hearts. Bake a cake, make a roast dish, or just prepare some food for the coming days!

Layer your blankets correctly

blankets can help heating costs in Alton Illinois

Believe it or not, you should put the fluffiest blankets closest to your skin. Pile your fleece blankets on top to trap heat, and keep the soft blankets on the inside. If you have a duvet, put that between the fleece and your sheet.

Make sure your central heating is working

Believe it or not, your central heating (and a programmable thermostat) is a thousand times more energy efficient than your space heaters. Dixon Heating & Air Cooling specializes in maintaining central systems, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping those in and around Alton, Illinois. If you haven’t contacted your local heating contractors yet, make sure to place a call before the first big freeze!