How to eliminate allergens in my Collinsville, IL home

allergens in the home

Here’s what you can do to combat allergens

pollen and allergens in Collinsville Illinois

It’s May in Collinsville, IL, which means you’re probably starting to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities as the weather continues to warm up. While we all look forward to nice weather and our favorite summer fun, one thing we don’t look forward to is allergy season, which also happens to take place in the Springtime. Unfortunately, this nicest part of the year may also be the sneeziest with insects pollinating plants and budding flowers and foliage that could cause allergic reactions. Due to this, people all over the Metro-East want to know how they can cut down on allergens this season. Read more below about what you can do to keep the sneezes away!

Air Purification

One option is air purification which can help eliminate allergens by disinfecting the air. Air purifiers use UV light that your air supply will pass through to eliminate microscopic particles and allergens that have a chance to make you sick. A UV light air purification system can be purchased from and installed by a local HVAC professional.

Air Filter

Another thing that you can use to cut down on allergens is a stronger air filter. Air filters are classified according to the MERV rating, which is a measure of how large the holes in the filter are. Filters with a higher MERV rating have smaller holes and can filter out more allergens. However, a strong filter may decrease your airflow, which could cause breakdowns. Best to speak with your local HVAC tech before making any decisions.

Air Duct Cleaning

Another option that you have is simple air duct cleaning. Unfortunately, many of these allergens get blown around your home because they’re already stuck in your air vents, just waiting for you. With air duct cleaning, you’ll get rid of dust, hair, and other debris that’s stuck in your vents and could be making you sick!

Prevent Pollen

Another way to prevent allergens is to prevent the flow of pollen in your home. We know that it’s nice outside and you want fresh air in your home. However, in the springtime, that fresh air is letting pollen float freely throughout your home, which could wreak havoc on those with allergies. Close windows and doors to prevent pollen flow into your home.

cleaning to prevent allergens in Collinsville Illinois

Regular Cleaning

Eliminating dust is a great way to reduce the allergens that you’re exposed to. While air purification, air filters, and duct cleaning can all help this, they can’t possibly get rid of all the dust. That’s why it’s important to clean on a regular basis. Dust, vacuum, wipe down surfaces, and more to make your home more allergen-free this spring!