Ways that you can lower your energy bills this summer in Edwardsville, IL

energy bill

Here’s what you can do to save some green this summer! Summer in Edwardsville, IL gets hot – really hot. In fact, temperatures routinely rise near triple digits, leaving people throughout the Midwest scrambling to find a cool home with a working air conditioner. However, this need to run the air conditioner all of the […]

How to eliminate allergens in my Collinsville, IL home

allergens in the home

Here’s what you can do to combat allergens It’s May in Collinsville, IL, which means you’re probably starting to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities as the weather continues to warm up. While we all look forward to nice weather and our favorite summer fun, one thing we don’t look forward to is allergy season, which […]

Tips to prepare your air conditioner for the warm season in Alton, IL

summer air conditioning checklist

Here’s what you can do to get your air conditioner ready for summer It’s March in the Alton, IL area, which means people are finally starting to see the temperature rise after the cold, dark, long winter months.  This enthusiasm about warmer weather also means that you’ll be firing up your air conditioner soon, too. […]

HVAC Service Checklist for Granite City Illinois

duct cleaning granite city il

Include HVAC Service in your spring cleaning! As we begin to inch our way out of the winter gloom, many families will begin their springtime housecleaning routines. During this time, we should pay special attention to our HVAC systems before we have to switch them over from heating to cooling. The benefit to this can […]