Ways that you can lower your energy bills this summer in Edwardsville, IL

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Here’s what you can do to save some green this summer!

lowering your energy bill in Edwardsville Illinois

Summer in Edwardsville, IL gets hot – really hot. In fact, temperatures routinely rise near triple digits, leaving people throughout the Midwest scrambling to find a cool home with a working air conditioner. However, this need to run the air conditioner all of the time can send your energy bills soaring to new heights. While some of us may just accept that we’re going to spend more on energy in the peak summertime, others will go looking for ways to prevent this rise in bills and keep their budgets on track. With that in mind, we invite you to read below about the ways that you can reduce your energy bills this year.

How to Increase Energy Efficiency

The art of lowering your energy bills is about increasing your energy efficiency. Basically, you have to figure out why your unit is running more often and put a stop to it. While some of this is caused by the temperature outside, you’d be surprised at how many things could make a noticeable difference for your home. Here are the ways that you can increase energy efficiency to lower those energy bills!

Decrease Drafts

One of the best ways that you can improve efficiency is by sealing drafty areas around doors and windows. Warm drafts in the summertime can increase the stress put on your system, meaning it has to run for longer to keep the home cool. By sealing drafts, you’re giving your unit some relief from the sweltering temperatures outside.

Utilize Thermostat Settings

Another place you can save energy is with your thermostat settings. By using the ‘auto’ setting, you’re making sure your thermostat is only on when it needs to be – when the temperature drops below what you’ve set it to stay at. With the fan set to ‘on’ you’ll have constant airflow throughout the home, but you’ll be robbing yourself of efficiency that also robs you of money on your energy bills!

Block out the Sun

What makes us hot? The sun, of course! So, one way that you can increase the energy efficiency of your home is to block out the sun. By utilizing light-blocking curtains and blinds, you’ll be able to keep certain rooms of your home considerably cooler, meaning the air conditioning unit will have to run just a little bit less.

thermostat settings for lower energy bills in Edwardsville Illinois

Change the Air Filter

Poor airflow may also be the cause of your energy efficiency problems. Many times, this is due to a clogged or dirty air filter that’s impeded the airflow through your system and make your system run for longer.

Get an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

An air conditioning tune-up is one option to take care of all of this stuff one time, before the peak summer season hits. A trained professional will inspect your system, clean and maintain it and talk to you about energy efficiency and additional tips that you can use to keep your bills lower this summer!

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