The Best Benefits Of A Cool Mist Humidifier in Edwardsville, Illinois.

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The Benefits of A Cool Mist Humidifier in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Cool mist humidifiers help to keep the air in your home suitable for proper mucous membranes and lung health, but the benefits go far beyond that. When Edwardsville, IL residents use a humidifier, especially in winter, they provide a valuable boost to their overall health and wellness.


Here are some benefits you might not realize you will reap by using a cool-mist humidifier:

Allergy symptom relief: Not only do central humidifiers help to keep allergens in the house under control, but they also soothe the throat and nasal passage irritation that comes with allergy attacks. The key to enjoying this benefit is finding the best setting for your needs. You can’t have the house too humid or dust mites might become a problem, but if you have the humidifier too low, you may not get any benefits at all.

Proper skin hydration:

Lack of moisture in the air of homes can lead to your skin and lips drying out. Dry air can also cause your eyes to become drier than normal. A cool air humidifier can boost the hydration of these areas. This is important because of the large percentage of the body that’s water. You may find a reduction in dry, itchy skin and eye irritation once the hydration level in your body is optimal.

Better sleep at night:

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If you find yourself snoring, you’ll likely experience dryness in your throat. The cool mist humidifier helps to prevent this from happening. It can also help to control snoring and help you to sleep more comfortably at night.

Prevent airborne viruses:

Moisturized air helps to keep the movement of germs and microscopic particles down. A study partially funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that if indoor humidity is at least 43%, the transmission of airborne viruses is reduced by 85%. This can be beneficial during cold and flu season.
The good news is that you don’t have to lug around single-room humidifiers around your home. Central humidifiers can help Edwardsville, IL residents to ensure the humidity in their homes or business.

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