The Consequences of Continuing to Use an Old AC Unit in Edwardsville, IL

Old AC Unit

Having a working AC unit is important for keeping your Edwardsville, IL home as comfortable as possible. We so often rely on it to keep us cool during those hot summer months. An AC unit that is running in good condition that has been properly maintained can survive for about 20 or so years before it needs to be replaced, with most homeowners opting to continue running their system until it finally breaks. There are, however, reasons why you should just replace your old system when it starts having consistent problems from age. Here we will be taking a look at some reasons not to keep running your old AC unit.

Rusted Air Conditioner

Effects on Your Utility Bill

With the betterment of technology, your old AC unit will not be as energy efficient as a newer unit. If you are worried about the cost of getting a new unit right away, realize that you will likely be spending more on your utility bills to keep your old unit running instead of just getting a new one. Not only that, but that extra energy used in your older unit comes from your unit having to work harder to maintain the temperature. If you are still waiting to replace your AC unit, not only do you have to spend more, but your old unit does not even cool your house down that well.

An Old AC Unit Can Affect Your Health

It’s important to note that older AC units have been linked to making people ill. When the air is barely moving around your home and it is not being filtered, it can have disastrous effects. It can affect your allergies and cause respiratory infections. Those medical bills will not be as cheap as a new unit would be. Consider keeping you and the ones you care about safe by just replacing your old AC unit.

AC Replacement

Repair Costs

The costs to repair parts on your old AC unit are not going to be cheap as older units tend to cost more to repair than newer units. Older units will also need repairs more frequently, and the cost of having to hire a technician to make those repairs is only going to continue to accumulate over time. Once again, you could have just bought a new AC for considerably less money.

If you are looking to get your AC unit replaced or have any questions about what you could be saving, give our team of experts over at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning a call today! We are here to make sure Edwardsville, IL residents have a properly working HVAC system in their homes.

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