The Consequences of Continuing to Use an Old AC Unit in Edwardsville, IL

Old AC Unit

Having a working AC unit is important for keeping your Edwardsville, IL home as comfortable as possible. We so often rely on it to keep us cool during those hot summer months. An AC unit that is running in good condition that has been properly maintained can survive for about 20 or so years before […]

Stay Warm in Edwardsville, IL With These Furnace Maintenance Tips

furnace system

Best furnace maintenance tips for winter in Edwardsville, IL In cold weather, the furnace becomes a highly valuable commodity in your house. Since you want to ensure that your family doesn’t get cold, it is important to maintain your furnace system. Consider the following maintenance tips, as a furnace that emits dangerous emissions or wastes […]

HVAC Service Checklist for Granite City Illinois

duct cleaning granite city il

Include HVAC Service in your spring cleaning! As we begin to inch our way out of the winter gloom, many families will begin their springtime housecleaning routines. During this time, we should pay special attention to our HVAC systems before we have to switch them over from heating to cooling. The benefit to this can […]