Gas Furnaces vs Electric Furnaces in Granite City, IL

electric vs gas furnaces Granite City, IL
Gas furnace Granite City, IL

There are several options for kinds of furnaces available for you to have installed in your Granite City, IL home. Two popular choices are gas and electric furnaces. These two kinds of furnaces have their own pros and cons that make them desirable. Knowing more about each one should help you decide on which kind of furnace you should have installed in your home. Here we want to explain the differences between these two kinds of furnaces to help you decide on which kind of furnace you should get.

Gas Furnaces

These are one of the most popular types of furnaces out there. In terms of cost, it cost less to run a gas furnace than to run an electric one. Electric furnaces do not run as efficiently as these kinds of furnaces, and they burn a lot cleaner. Gas also have the advantage of heating up your Granite City, IL home way quicker than electric furnaces can. It is important to know that gas furnaces can wear out quicker than electric furnaces and they can be more complicated and expensive to maintain. It should also never go without saying that these kinds of furnaces can be dangerous, as if not properly maintained, they could leak carbon monoxide gas into your home which can be fatal to humans. If you are going to have a gas furnace, you need to make sure you keep it maintained and be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.

electric furnaces Granite City, IL

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces cost less to install than gas furnaces do. You will also save money on maintenance costs as these kinds of furnaces do not require as much maintenance as gas furnaces. Your electric furnace will last longer than a gas furnace will. These kinds of furnaces are also considerably safer to run, and you will not have to worry about carbon monoxide. These kinds of furnaces can be more expensive to run compared to gas furnaces. They also are not able to heat your home as fast and it runs less effectively than gas furnaces do. Electric furnaces run best when you know how to make the best of them without using too much electricity.

If you have any more questions about electric furnaces or gas furnaces or need a furnace installed in your Granite City, IL home, give our team of HVAC professionals over at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!

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