Signs that Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired in Collinsville, Illinois


As the weather is getting colder, the first thing that you do as Collinsville, IL homeowner is to turn your heater up and settle in for the long winter nights. However, something that could be the worst thing to happen during these colder months is your heater completely shutting off and not working properly. This is something that we know is the worst thing to happen. Is there a way to prevent this? Luckily, there are ways that you can catch this problem. Continue reading on, and we will help you with simple signs that your furnace is in need of repair. Spotting these signs early could save you from a night of shivering and many different blankets.


Loud Noises

Something that you definitely will not miss as a sign that your furnace may be on its last leg is a loud sound coming from your system. This is something that most people will be able to hear. The squealing might start low and hardly there, but trust us, it will get louder and louder as time does go on. The reason for this is that the blower motor that is in the furnace is starting to wear out. What will then happen is that the motor is working extra hard for the air to flow through. This is the loud sound that you are hearing. If you do hear this, you need to replace the fan as soon as possible so that the fan doesn’t turn completely off.

No Air Movement

Another reason why your furnace is not working is that the run capacitor has burned out. You won’t be able to hear any sounds from this because it will completely stop working. To know that this has happened is that you can put your hand against your vent and not feel any air coming out of it. If this is happening, call one of our professionals today to help with the problem.


Your Temperature Won’t Change

If you are still feeling cold when you have turned your heat on, this could be a problem. The reason for this is that your furnace has stopped working. This could be a handful of problems, but one that our team commonly sees is that some wires in your system could be loose. This is a job that a professional will have to handle. This could also mean that your vents need a deep clean. Either reason, both problems could happen, and getting someone to come to take a look into it could save your grief in the long run.

During this cold season of the year, we want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible. With that in mind, if you are experiencing any of these problems, or have found other reasons for worry with your furnace, give our trusted team at Dixon Heating & Cooling a call today!

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