Is it Time for Your Collinsville, IL AC Unit to Get Replaced?

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Most Collinsville, IL homeowners know when their AC unit needs repairs, especially during the warmer spring months. The signs are usually simple. The air conditioning system stops cooling your home effectively, which causes the air to feel uncomfortable. However, many homeowners tend to question if their system is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Similar to most other home appliances, air conditioners have a limited life span and eventually need to be replaced.

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Here are some questions that you may want to consider while determining when is the right time to replace your AC unit.

Is the AC Unit Producing Cold Air?

When a broken air conditioner is beyond repair, it will stop producing cold air. If you set your unit to its full capacity and still cannot feel any cold air, you will need to replace the unit. AC units that no longer produce any cold air most likely have a broken compressor or low Freon levels. These issues typically cannot be resolved with simple repairs, and require the entire unit to be replaced.

Can You Feel A Steady Flow of Air Coming from the Vents?

AC units that do not produce a proper flow of air may have some sort of debris blocking the ventilation somewhere in the system. If this is left untreated, the debris may end up damaging your system and will require you to replace the entire unit. Debris can also become a hazard to your and your family’s health.

Is Your Home More Humid When the AC Unit is Running?

You may have the wrong-sized air conditioner unit if your home starts to feel more humid when your AC unit is running. Make sure to pay attention to the humidity levels within your home during the warmer months. If you notice that there are high levels of humidity, you may need to replace your air conditioner.

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Are You Paying More on Your Energy Bill?

Outdated air conditioning systems often use more energy than newer units. This also coincides with the fact that older units tend to get less efficient as time goes on. If possible, check your home’s electric bill from the past summer to compare the costs of energy. If you notice that your bill now is higher compared to last year, you should consider updating your air conditioning system. High-energy bills may be the result of an air conditioning system taking longer to cool your home or a possible leak in the ductwork.

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