How Heat Pumps Operate During the Winter in Collinsville, IL

heat pump operation winter Collinsville IL
heat pump winter Collinsville IL

It is important to heat your Collinsville, IL home up as effectively as possible during the winter. Many may already be using gas furnaces to keep their home warm as it provides quick heating, and it is cost-effective. Others, however, will be making use of heat pumps to keep warm. A heat pump works in the cold weather to help heat your home as well as save you money. Many may be unaware of how heat pumps work during the winter or the benefits of using them. Here we want to talk more about using heat pumps during the winter.

How Heat Pumps Work

Knowing how heat pumps work can help you understand their benefits and how they can operate in the winter. Heat pumps take heat from outside your home in Collinsville, IL, and then transfer that heat inside of your home. The air is brought into your home using refrigerant-filled coils. This process takes less fuel than other ways to heat your home which makes them a very efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. Other heating systems will have to generate heat on their own, the major advantage is that heat pumps bring in the warm air from outside into your home, so it does not have to take time to generate heat itself. It also takes a lot less electricity for your heat pump to run compared to other heating systems as it is able to heat your home faster.

Collinsville IL heat pump winter time

Heat Pumps in Cold Weather

Heat pumps are able to operate in cold weather thanks to their closed-loop system. Low-pressure liquid refrigerant is passed through the condenser coils located outside which are used to absorb any ambient heat from outside. That heat makes the refrigerant boil and will convert it into a low-pressure vapor, which is pushed into the compression and is what brings warmth into your home during the winter. Many people may believe that just because the heat pump is outside during the winter, the cold weather would stop it from working. Given the age and make of your heat pump, it may run into some problems, however, with proper care and maintenance, you can rest assured it will be able to keep you and the ones you live with warm during the winter.

If you live in Collinsville, IL, and have any more questions about heat pumps or need assistance installing one, give our team of HVAC professionals over at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!

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