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Alton IL, Furnace FAQs

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At Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning, many of our Alton, IL customers ask us questions regarding furnace installation and repairs. As established heating contractors in the area, there’s nothing we don’t know about heating systems. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, most of which we expect to hear daily.

Does my furnace need to be maintained annually?

The simple answer is no. However, a regularly serviced furnace is less likely to fail, and more likely to continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Homeowners should refer to their manufacturer’s specifications to get a clearer picture of how often their device should be serviced.

Is there an optimal time to install a new furnace?

Replacing your old unit with a new one is a practice best saved for the warmer months, giving it time to be worn in properly before its use increases in the winter. However, an old, failing unit should be replaced on the advice of a heating contractor regardless of the time of year.

What are the signs that my furnace requires replacing?

Each model is unique; however, the following symptoms are common among all units:

• Significant corrosion
• Furnace provides little or no heat
• Strange smells (a sulfuric odor, like rotten eggs)
• Delayed ignition
• Consistent failure of the pilot light

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When do I need to change my filter?

Generally, a furnace filter can last between three months and one year, depending on how often the system is used. Most heating contractors will recommend that you look at your filter once a month, replacing it as and when it is required.

How long should a heating unit last?

A good quality furnace should last anywhere between 15 and 18 years if it is properly maintained. High-efficiency devices which are used daily may need replacing sooner.

How can I reduce my bills?

Minimizing the use of appliances in the home can help keep utility bills down. A programmable thermostat will also enable you to set your furnace to a lower temperature during the evening and when you are away from home, which reduces the level of energy needed.

For more information about furnaces, or for help and advice on the installation of a new furnace, why not contact your local Alton, IL heating contractors at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning?

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