Common Furnace Malfunctions that Your Alton, IL Home can Experience!

furnace malfunctions

When your furnace breaks down it is never a good time. No matter when or how it happens, you know you will be cold for a while until the repair happens. When Alton, IL homeowners know the possible issues that can occur with their furnaces, they can find ways to prevent the problems from happening in the future.

Common Reasons Furnace Malfunctions Occur

furnace malfunctions

The most common reason that a furnace malfunction occurs is a lack of overall maintenance. Some Alton, IL homeowners may not be aware that annual maintenance on their furnace systems is required in order to prevent incidents from occurring down the road. Usually only paying $50 or $100 every fall season, can help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run. We get that it could seem tedious but give your furnace annual maintenance, and it will be more reliable and last much longer.

Dirty air filters are an easy fix, but if they go ignored, then problems can arise. Make sure to read your furnaces owner’s manual and change out the filter as often as recommended. Clogged filters can make your furnace work harder than it needs to, which shortens its life.

The pilot light can also develop issues. If there is a problem with the pilot light not starting, it could affect your heat. Other issues with ignition controls can also cause heating issues with your Alton, IL home furnace system.

General wear and tear damage can cause issues and cause a series of furnace malfunctions. There are parts of your furnace that can be replaced, which extends its overall life. However, there are other parts that when they fail could signal the end of your furnace’s life. As a furnace starts to fail, it will still blow warm air, however, the airflow may not be as efficient as prior. Homeowners in the Alton, IL area may not even realize that a problem has occurred with their furnace until it’s too late.

furnace malfunctions

What to do if there is a Problem

Furnaces work hard to heat your home. They turn on and off during the cooler fall season. They get hold, then cold, and keep this cycle up heating your home to its best ability. When they have proper maintenance, they should run smoothly. On occasion though, problems can occur, so it is best that you know how to deal with these minor issues. If you need expert advice or want someone to come to look at your furnace, give us at Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!

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