Winter Holiday Heating Tips that You’ll Be Thankful for in Granite City Illinois

holiday heating in granite city illinois freezing temperatures

Winter Holiday Heating Tips for Granite City Illinois Residents

With the holidays fast approaching, your home becomes a hub of activity. Visitors of all ages make their way inside your house where they eat, drink, and catch up with your family during the latter months of the year. Creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere is essential to their good health and happiness.

Knowing which furnace tips to follow helps you regulate the temperatures inside your home so that everyone in the family benefits from an increase in heat. Taking time to address things such as your heater during the busy holiday season ensures smoother interactions with the people who come to visit and stay with you during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The following holiday heating tips are ones that you’ll be thankful for in Granite City, Illinois when the temperatures outdoors plummet.

holiday heating in granite city illinois sealing windows

Seal gaps in doorways and cracks in windows.

Sealing gaps in doorways and cracks in windows prevents hot air from escaping outdoors. Your furnace won’t work twice as hard to heat the cold air, and you’re not forced to pay exorbitant utility bills because of a sudden increase in usage. Taking time to do this one step preserves the longevity of your furnace and keeps your home energy bills low.

Clean the area around your furnace weekly.

Dirt and dust can cause the system to work overtime. Rather than compromise the efficiency of the unit, why not add the task of cleaning it to your weekly cleaning checklist instead? Doing so ensures that the area in front of, behind, and to the sides of the furnace is regularly dusted and vacuumed.

holiday heating in granite city illinois man closing door

Close doors to rooms you’re not spending time in.

It creates a barrier that allows you to raise the temperatures inside single rooms more efficiently. Rather than try to heat the entire house at once, you prioritize which areas of the home are being used the most. For example, if no one is spending time in the bathroom at the moment, it’s better to experience a momentary feeling of cold than to spend extra money each month heating a room that people come in and out of frequently.

Make Staying Warm a Priority This Holiday Season by Taking Care of Your Furnace

Stay nice and warm this winter in your Granite City, Illinois home. The heating tips listed above keep freezing temperatures from interrupting the comfort levels inside your residence. Rather than feel chilled to the bone, why not enjoy holiday heating instead? It’s one way to feel completely cozy during the coldest weather months of the year. Contact Dixon Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more ways to keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter.