What To Do When Your Second Floor Is Too Hot

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No one likes hot air flow. When summer comes and the weather scorches roads and sidewalks, you run into your air-conditioned house in Edwardsville, IL hoping for relief. Unfortunately, it seems only half of your house is usable. The first floor is cool, and perfect for relaxing or entertaining. But when you go to the second floor and try to go to bed, you immediately start to sweat – because that’s where all the hot air has been hiding. There’s nothing worse than a sleepless night caused by blistering summer weather.

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Why Your Second Floor is Filled with Hot Air

There are a handful of things that could cause your second floor to be substantially hotter. The first is the simple fact that heat rises. Your HVAC unit does its best to pump cool air to the second floor, but when the air reaches your second floor, it immediately starts to fall. Older HVAC units will struggle.

Secondly, if your roof and attic are hot, that heat will affect your second floor, but not your first. This is particularly true if your attic doesn’t have proper insulation. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to deal with all of the hot air.

Replace Dirty Filters

Start by replacing any dirty filters in your HVAC unit. If a filter is dirty, it restricts airflow, which means your HVAC unit won’t be able to pump cool air to the second floor.

Check Your Duct-work

If any of your ducts are leaking, there’s a good chance the cold air isn’t making it to your second floor. Though most of your ductwork is likely behind walls, sometimes you’ll find an obvious leak that can be easily repaired with a bit of insulation.

Insulate Your Attic

As mentioned previously, a poorly insulated and vented attic can cause huge issues. Make sure your attic fan is working properly to circulate air throughout – you don’t want moisture to end up trapped, especially in the winter. By properly insulating your attic, you’ll prevent as much heat from coming into your house.

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Close the Blinds

Lastly, consider simply closing the blinds. It may not seem like much, but by preventing the sun from entering your second floor, you can reduce the amount of heat substantially.

While none of these steps can replace the experience of a trained HVAC technician, they are simple things you can do to try and stave off the heat.